What Inspires You To Move?

It was a beautiful weekend to enjoy the vast array of Colorado weather and abundant activities. On Friday, Shane and I loaded up the car and headed west, giddy to get away, looking forward to one more day of sliding down the mountain. And we did just that along with enjoying some much needed chill time together. The Colorado outdoors never cease to amaze me. As we awoke Saturday morning to gusty winds and a dusting of newly fallen snow I whispered to Shane, "We came to winter." Just a short drive away from home and we were surrounded by a new haven. Complete with thermals or as I would say "long undies," goggles, mittens, we loaded the lift, headed to the top, and soaked in the views from the expansive valley of Winter Park. The sad skinny pine trees quickly being destroyed by the pine beetles were clumped with snow. The abnormally gray sky hovered above. As we began our journey down, the wind continued to swirl the snow around making for spots of slick terrain and rosy cheeks, but that didn't stop us. We basked in the fresh mountain air. Fresh air invigorates me. The mountains inspire me. I love the outdoors. I took in the vast beauty around me while feeling my torso twist and turn, bending so low I could touch the snow. I feel more alive when I am moving.

I believe our bodies are meant to move; they are meant to be cared for. Take a walk outside and listen to the sound of the birds chirping, welcoming spring. Barrel down a hill on your mountain bike or ride your cruiser bike to the grocery store.


Enjoy moving your body in a new way.

What makes you move? 

What makes you feel alive? 

Find something that inspires you to MOVE!

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